CHAMPION: An Iwaizumi Hajime Zine is a Haikyuu!! fanzine dedicated to Iwaizumi Hajime, Professional Bug Catcher, Godzilla Enthusiast, Seijoh’s Ace and Arms, California Dream, National Athletic Trainer. This zine is a for-profit gen zine and centres around the theme of self-discovery.

The zine will depict the moments in Iwaizumi’s life, both big and small, that help shape him as a person and as the character we know and love. Each page is another piece of the puzzle that makes up Iwaizumi Hajime: pieces in his life that fit, pieces that don't, pieces that he grows into and pieces that he grows out of. From childhood, to Seijoh, to California, to the Olympic stage, and to what comes next; the zine will not inherently be chronological but will instead follow the narrative of how Iwaizumi comes to figure out who he is: from how he presents himself on the surface, to what he is at his very core.

There will also be a side NSFW PDF zine available! This zine will feature Iwaizumi ships, and all characters depicted will be 18 years old and above. This zine will only be available for adults.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us via email/DM/CC!

Will the zine be physical or digital?
The SFW zine will be available as both a physical zine and a digital zine! The NSFW zine will only be available as a digital zine.

Is the zine for-profit or for-charity?
The zine will be for-profit.

What are the zine specs?
Size B5 (6.9” x 9.8”), 80-100 pages, full colour, perfect binding.

Can other characters be featured in a zine piece? Will ships be allowed?
Other characters are allowed as long as the focus is on Iwaizumi! Romantic/sexual ships are not allowed in the SFW zine, however they are allowed in the NSFW zine! The relationships in the SFW zine will only be platonic/familial.

Will the ships in the NSFW zines be listed before pre-orders open?
Yes, all ships in the NSFW zine will be listed before pre-orders open, including any content warnings that may apply.

Is there an age limit for contributors? How will payment be distributed?
For the SFW zine, all contributors must be at least 15 years old when applying. For the NSFW zine, all contributors must be at least 18 years old when applying. We ask that all contributors have a Paypal account for profit distribution; for minors, monetary compensation will be discussed with the involved parties.

Are AUs allowed in a zine piece?
We would like to stick to canon with this zine, so AUs are not allowed. However, personal headcanons are allowed as long as they stay true to canon! Here’s the longer explanation.

Are manga spoilers okay?
Yes, manga spoilers are okay.

Will you accept traditional works?
Yes, we will accept traditional works. Please ensure that you provide a clean scan with a minimum resolution of 300dpi for your final piece.

Will mods be allowed to apply as contributors?
Yes, mods can also apply as contributors through the contributor application forms, and will not be allowed to judge themselves during the selection process.

How many contributors are you looking for?
For the SFW zine: 1 cover artist, 30 artists, 9 writers, and 4 merch artists. For the NSFW zine: 1 cover artist, 6 artists and 4 writers. This includes guest contributors.

How will contributors be compensated?
We are aiming to compensate contributors with free full bundles of the zine including leftover profits, and shipping will be paid for as well. However, if the zine does not break even, all contributors will be given a free digital copy of both the SFW and the NSFW zines (contributors who are minors will not be receiving the side NSFW PDF zine) and all items will be made available to them at production price.

Where will the zine be shipped from? Will it be available internationally?
The zine will be shipped from the US, and will be made available internationally! The countries available for international shipping will depend on the COVID situation at the time of pre-orders.

Interest Check28/10/2020 – 28/11/2020
Mod Apps5/12/2020 – 5/1/2021
Mod Apps Results8/1/2021
Contributor Apps22/1/2021 – 22/2/2021
Contributor Apps Results4/3/2021
Contributor Response4/3/2021 – 8/3/2021
Concept Submissions15/3/2021
1st Check-In15/4/2021
2nd Check-In15/5/2021
3rd Check-In15/6/2021
Final Submission15/7/2021
Pre-Orders8/8/2021 - 19/9/2021
Production & ShippingSeptember Onwards

Beta & Organisation

Twitter | Tumblr | CarrdMod experienceI'm Liv and coffee is my sole driving force. I think lo-fi and classical music are probably the coolest things to exist ever. Iwaizumi has this kind of easy-going charm that seems to put everyone else around him at ease from his Seijoh days to those few panels at Irvine to his national team days and I just!!! sobs I love him okay?

Social Media & Communication

Twitter | AO3Has been in charge of running social media and handling public relations as well as protocol for several events and projects in university.I'm esy! I've loved Iwaizumi for a really long time, and writing for even longer. Iwaizumi is such an amazing character and I really want to share the love for him through this zine!!


Twitter | AO3Haikyuu Analysis Zine - Layout Mod, participated in Matsuhana Zine as a writing contributor, currently studying Performing and Visual Arts in college, designed websites for both creative and educational events.I am currently a performing arts major and have been writing for around 8 years. I hope to spread love for Iwaizumi through this zine and showcase how complex he is as a character!

Production & Shipping

TwitterMod experienceAn industrial design student pretending to be an artist, drawing Iwaizumi's eyes is my past time


Tumblr | CarrdMod experienceHi I'm Daff! I'm a free-spirited young adult who spends her time in nature or absorbing media! Iwaizumi is the absolute best boy™ as he's a steady character who inspires me to be fearless, committed, and confident through his actions and words. He reminds me to keep going and to enjoy whatever path I have taken, no matter what the end.

Graphic Design

Twitter | IGOutside of mod experience, Cate is currently a graphic and interaction design student and has organized and made product and promotional media designs for a 2500+ person community event, made graphics for regional expositions and college clubs.I love Iwaizumi because he is my West Coast bro, has great vibes, and he loves Godzilla (I like Pacific Rim kaiju... who would win: find out here)!!